Day 99 – Nature’s Amazing Beauty


I’ve been teased on this trip for saying “A M A Z I N G!!!!!” so much.  But the beauty I see here is amazing.  It reminds me of the beauty I saw growing up in Connecticut, tramping through the woods.  Before so much of our environment had been reduced to manicured yards with large houses and blacktop roads.
I used to find black and yellow spotted salamanders under rocks, tiny frogs smaller than a pea on the shores of brooks, and lay in a meadow in the middle of the forest, listening to the insects and birds and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face.  My heart was so full it felt like it would burst.

About catherinesinger

Fine art photography and digital collage. Love to ski, bike, hike and meet people passionate about their lives.
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1 Response to Day 99 – Nature’s Amazing Beauty

  1. Steve Veilleux says:

    Still living in Connecticut, and I’m glad to report we still have some of these magical forests, but yes, it is a small state for so many people.

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