Day 39 – Gate

This is the cemetery gate beside the Budir Church.  Maybe someone can tell me what the Icelandic sign is saying.  I can only imagine it asking the person leaving to shut the gate behind them.
Looking at death, we humans seem to take comfort thinking there is a beginning and end to everything.  Like the pain of missing a loved one who has passed; as though the gate to our hearts that were once opened, could be closed.  I’ve never been good at closing the “gate” of my heart after someone close or even not so close to me has passed.  They remain alive in my mind.

About catherinesinger

Fine art photography and digital collage. Love to ski, bike, hike and meet people passionate about their lives.
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2 Responses to Day 39 – Gate

  1. George Sebastian-Coleman says:

    Google’s translate makes it as “complete gate” which I’m sure means as you guessed, “shut the gate.”

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