Day 27 – Baggage

I wholeheartedly agree with Jill “Razer” Mustoffa about baggage.  She says, ” Get to the root of it so it won’t follow you the rest of your life and drop its little seeds to make more. Remove the baggage before it gets out of control, I say.”
The problem with something like photography is the temptation to think you can’t have enough gadgets, lenses, filters, etc.  Also, for someone like Bryan Treen here, shooting with a large format view camera, a lot of equipment is needed to support that camera, accompanied by years of practice and study, to make a beautiful, awe-inspiring image.   Be sure to check out his funny video.  Lastly, I’d say photography baggage is fabulous!

About catherinesinger

Fine art photography and digital collage. Love to ski, bike, hike and meet people passionate about their lives.
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1 Response to Day 27 – Baggage

  1. billie says:

    great image, cat! and the link to the ‘funny video’ was hilarious!!! great post all around. 🙂

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