Day 12 – Contemplation

Billie Williams’ warm photo of the two wooden chairs so close together, in her Day 11 – She Made Us Feel Welcome got me thinking about… chairs.  What do they symbolize?  Hers seemed very warm and inviting, as though a couple of cherished family members would come by any moment to share some conversation.  They couldn’t be any closer to each other and this elicited a feeling in me, that I’d be well cared for by this person or couple.

Watching The FallsThe park benches in this image are almost the opposite; more for contemplating the vast beauty of the falls and national park.  Still, I would feel safe, comfortable and well-cared for in the presence of such a wonderous setting.

About catherinesinger

Fine art photography and digital collage. Love to ski, bike, hike and meet people passionate about their lives.
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5 Responses to Day 12 – Contemplation

  1. jkdavies says:

    gorgeous again 😉
    I have a green and damp picture taken from just in front of the benches, but your picture gives scale and a sense of contemplation.

  2. catherinesinger says:

    Thanks! I hope to soon have such a picture on my next trip. Love your poetry and images!

  3. billie says:

    Thanks, Catherine, for the great ping. I love your image and the contrast that it creates with my old worn rockers.

  4. This is really cool. Waiting for eyes to see — and you did! I used her picture of chairs for mine today too!

  5. i love this image, cat!

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